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Cooperativa Visionarias

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Cooperativa Visionarias is a catering cooperative based on Chicago's Southeast Side. Officially incorporated in the Summer of 2018, we have catered events for youth programs, city officials, private businesses and more. We are three women who came together to use our love of food as a means to shape a healhtly living for ourselves and our families. As a cooperative, we share responsibilities as well as a mission to not only provide great service but to always be in service to the communities we love. Join us.

Meet Visionarias Rosalinda and Socorro.

"We use to be domestic workers. We would dream of one day working for ourselves and I'm happy to say the dream is coming true. We take pride in all the work we do but creating the Visionaries Cooperative is one of my proudest moments."

Our Clients

Thank you to everyone who has entrusted us with keeping your community happy and healthy.