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Well Wishes from Cooperativa Visionarias

Dear Friend,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well and have what they need. While our cooperative is not taking orders at this time due to COVID-19, we are sincerely grateful for your past support and look forward to a day where we can share food and community again.

Many of your already know our story. Four years ago, we decided to form our co-op in order to gain economic independence and empowerment. We had experienced unjust working conditions in previous jobs, and we wanted to create something different. As an immigrant women-run cooperative on the Southeast side of Chicago, the last four years have been incredibly difficult yet rewarding. Every day, we get to work towards our vision and goals--and you've made that possible.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, today we are aware that food and service workers, many of whom are immigrants, do not have the luxury of staying home. Many are forced to keep working in dangerous situations to be able to pay bills. Many more are out of work as businesses close, and wondering how they will continue to support their families.

We strongly believe that cooperatives are part of the roadmap towards a more just world in which workers do not have to live in fear of falling with no safety net to catch them. We remain committed to growing the solidarity economy and supporting new cooperatives find their feet.

Until then, if you are able, we encourage you to donate to ongoing relief efforts to support low-wage workers in the food industry. Please see a few fundraising efforts below. Additionally, while we have taken the precautionary step to stop all orders ourselves for the immediate future, the next months will be very difficult without a source of income. We have also included a PayPal link below if you are able to donate directly to Cooperativa Visionarias members.

Gracias por todo, y adelante!

Las Visionarias
Rosa, Socorro, y Alma

Donate to One Fair Wage!

The #OneFairWage campaign has set up a tipped worker relief fund. Organizers will be in contact with those who have lost hours or work due to COVID-19 and who submit an application. Donate here.

Donate to the Restaurant Opportunities Center!

The Restaurant Opportunities Center United is also raising money for food workers out of a job in several states. Donate to the fund or choose another similar one to give to here. Donate here.

Donate to Cooperativa Visionarias!

Cooperativa Visionarias will not be taking orders to help #flatten the curve. To help sustain us during this hard time, please donate directly to co-op members through this PayPal. Donate here.

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